• Navigating the Complex Transition to a Green Steel Future
  • EU Green Deal and the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)
  • Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen
  • How to Accelerate Achievement of Carbon Neutral in the Steel Sector
  • CCUS Technologies
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Pursuing Sustainability in Automobile
  • Scrap Recycling and the Recovery of Alloying Elements
  • ......
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summit background

Europe has been at the forefront of the fight against climate change and has set ambitious climate targets. These targets not only challenge the entire European economy, but also place stringent demands on the high-carbon emitting steel industry.
Currently, the steel industry is one of the main sources of global carbon emissions, accounting for around 7-9 percent of the world's total carbon emissions. The EU steel industry faces similar challenges, and despite progress driven by technological innovation and policy, it is still a long way from achieving the “30-40-50” climate targets. Achieving the targets will require the concerted efforts of the entire industry chain. Through this summit, hope all parties can work together to make breakthroughs in technological innovation, policy support, financial investment and industry co-operation, so as to contribute new wisdom and strength to the realisation of the EU's climate targets and the sustainable development of the global steel industry.

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Event FAQs

The 3rd European Green Steel Summit 2025 will focus on hot topics such as technological advancement, policy analysis, green finance and industry practices, with the aim of identifying the future development direction of the green steel industry, promoting technological advancement, fostering international co-operation, and formulating practical action plans to help the steel industry to achieve significant carbon emission reduction targets in the coming years.
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